Our story

When I first started working on led panels in 2007, the market was flooded with badly performing LED panels. They were over-priced, poorly designed and often didn’t last long. I knew it had to be possible to make enormous improvements, so I set about designing my own panel. My aim was to develop one that would yield the same results, whilst only requiring half of the electrical power HPS lights demanded.

Once my team and I had achieved this milestone and released the first panels, they were an instant hit. Soon, they were affectionally referred to by customers all over the world as the ‘Hans Panels’. 

Spurred on by the huge number of glowing reviews, we became determined to optimise the panels even more. To this day, we continue to constantly improve our designs. Our led panels remain unrivalled in terms of performance and durability and offer outstanding value for money.

March 5 – 2018, Hans Meijaard, Founder of Led’s Farming bv

Unparalleled technology.
We focus on small, home growing enthusiasts when designing our products, and while some look to China for cheaper alternatives, in many cases they discover that working with Bonsai Hero gives the optimal breeding experience for their customers. For instance, growth systems producer G-Tools equip their grow cabinets with our Hans panels, hyper efficient LED panels that use half as much power as regular grow lights.

Peers acknowledge that Hans ‘ panels are simply better and last longer. Moreover, the cultivation efficiency has never been matched. Hans designed for results, and was only satisfied when the harvest per kWh was optimal. In other words: the Hans Panel achieves the greatest possible yield for the urban farmer, with the minimum energy cost possible.

Mission lives on
Just before Hans died at a fairly young age in April 2018, he asked his brother Rob and his sister Anke to fulfill his last wish. He didn’t want to disappoint his customers, and to keep the company alive, so this became our mission. His heirs baptized his organization into ‘ Bonsai Hero ‘, named after the top invention he was so proud of. Stephan Hoogeveen was promoted  to operational leadership, and is now executive director of Bonsai Hero. Under his leadership Hans’ mission lives: hand-crafted quality products for urban farming, with an eye for people and the environment.

Environmental gains from the start
In urban farming, we design economical products for environmentally sustainable operations. For instance, the Bonsai Hero consumes no more energy than it costs to recharge your phone, and the LED Lighting in Hans Panels is many times more efficient than in regular grow lights. In addition, the LED bulbs produce less heat, so there is also an energy saving on ventilation.

Executive Director Stephan Hoogeveen also believes that small steps in the workplace can generate a lot of environmental gains, such as in order to avoid unnecessary waste, we follow a sustainable packaging policy. For example, products are protected during shipment by foam waste from the production of storage cases. In addition, individual shipping boxes are no larger than necessary and do not contain redundant promotional materials.

Our mission

With durable, handcrafted quality products, Bonsai Hero contributes to small-scale urban farming worldwide from Amsterdam. Companies and individuals commonly choose our LED panels and harvesting cutters because they are effective, energy efficient, long lasting and cleverly designed.