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Bonsai Hero scissors trims 3 times faster

You can now trim your plants three times faster and with great precision by using our electric scissors, saving you valuable time and money.

Different lighting solutions to accomodate for different types

Urban farming is becoming increasingly popular. As more of us begin to understand our current food system, more of us seek to have more control over how our food and plants are grown and harvested. Fundamental to the creation of a perfect indoor urban farm, for both small and larger set-ups, is the availability of affordable, sophisticated lighting solutions.

These days, a typical urban farmer will use grow lights to completely replace direct sunlight. These grow lights don’t necessarily mimic sunlight. In many applications, they far outperform sunlight.

Better for the environment

Compared to conventional light solutions used in plant farming, modern LED lighting systems are optimal suited to urban farming. They score high in terms of energy efficiency too; when urban farmers illuminate their plants using LEDs, the energy is consumed primarily by the plants themselves.

Future savings of up to 70% would be possible if LEDs replaced the neon lamps currently widely used in greenhouses. LEDs also last much longer than conventional lights while producing the same amount of light.

Superior to the sun

Over the past few years, we have developed and optimised some of the best tools for Urban Farming available. Our LED panels, now referred to as Hans Panels the world over, offer unrivalled performance in terms of quality, efficiency and value for money. While the Bonsai Hero allows you to trim your harvest 3 times faster and with incredible precision, we offer the right tools to save you valuable time and money.

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