LED Grow Hans Panel 180W

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Updated March 2018. Our best-selling Hans Panel, the 180 watt, has now been updated. It still has the broader spectrum from November’s version, but I have removed the Amber leds. Reds turned out to be more effective in the end. The Royal Blue leds had already been replaced by Cool Whites, but now all White leds have been upgraded to a more efficient XPGDWT. The resulting spectrum has become more natural, with lower peaks at 430 nM but with a massive peak at 650 nM, a little like the first Hans Panel from 2012. The improved output in the colours has remained, plants really do seem to appreciate receiving all colours. The panels are most optimised for the flowering stage, a little less so for vegging. Specifically critical strains will produce a more predictable result with these panels.

LED Grow Hans Panel 180W manual

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Why Hans Panels?

  • Our panels get rave reviews on different forums. They have more than proven themselves over the years and continue to do so.
  • We only use the very best leds, Cree only. The efficiency of these leds is over 30% better than that of cheaper brands like Epistar and Bridgelux. Those, and worse, are used in the products manufactured in China. With over 50.000 hours, they offer much greater durability.
  • The unique design of our LED panels using their patented reflectors, allows the led light to be spread well and efficiently.
  • We are aware of the importance of continuity and offer the highest level of service. In the unlikely event of a malfunction within 3 months of purchase, simply contact us and we will a ship a replacement immediately.
  • We believe that plant cultivation using LEDs has become a widely-accepted phenomenon. Exclusivity is a thing of the past. In order to stimulate the use of led panels, We keep our prices very reasonable.

Your Hans Panel lets you optimise the spectrum and amount of light for different phases of your plants life. There is a position with a relatively high amount of blue light, therefore perfect for vegging, early flowering and mother plants and the second position enables many more red and deep red leds optimised for maximum flowering. The light level is fully adjustable by a rototating knob, allowing you to adjust the panel’s efficiency to your liking.

Technical information

  • 160 Watt ALL CREE XPGDWT and XPE2 LED Power, total power consumption max 180 Watt
  • PPFD 718 uMol at 30 cm
  • 2 selectable positions; (1) For Vegging and first weeks of flowering, (2) Full flowering position, easily selectable by switch
  • Light level adjustable 0 – 100% by rotating knob, controls between max. efficiency to max. power
  • 6 Cree XPGDWT-JE3 Cool White, 20 Cree XPEBRD 801 Red, 11 Cree XPGDWT-G7E Neutral White, 12 Cree XPEBRO 901 Red Orange and 4 Cree XPEEPR 901 DeepRed Led’s
  • Each Led has it’s own reflector, either 106 or 123 degrees, therefore optimal control of the light pattern
  • Metal Core PCB for the very best cooling
  • No light losses caused by glass or plastic barriers in front of the LED’s
  • External waterproof power supply, no heat contribution to the LED’s
  • Smart & Silent fan is controlled by temperature, 0 to 100%
  • Power supply with 2 meter cable, easily unpluggable
  • Size 30 cm * 35 cm * 4 cm, 12″ * 14″ * 1.6″
  • Recommended maximum grow area 80*100 cm, 32″ * 39″
  • Recommended distance from canopy, 20 to 80 cm, 8″ to 32″
  • EU, USA or UK power supply included
  • Reflector easily demountable for cleaning
  • Solid construction, simple industrial design
  • Hanging kit included
  • Very quiet, only -45 dB at 30 cm
  • 2 year warranty
  • Discreet shipping, all around the planet