Grow logs- Crocus (saffron)

Croci are the basis for saffron, a spice which is worth more by weight than gold, so if it is possible to grow this indoors, without any sort of special care other than what the plant requires, it proves that urban farming can be used for more than just fruit or vegetables.

29th December 2019

The crocus’ are well established and seem to be thriving under the panel, growing very quickly and reaching directly for the light. At this rate, it may be necessary to replant them into individual pots to give them enough space to grow a decent root system, without coming into competition with one another.

21st December 2019

`These crocus sprouts have been placed into this tray after being incubated in plugs for around a week, and seem to be taking quite a liking to their new environment. Croci are the origins of saffron, and as such, this is an experiment in growing more ‘valuable’ herbs and/or spices, rather than fruits or vegetables.

16th December 2019

These croci seeds are incubating seemingly quite comfortably in these plugs, within a heated enclosure. This was done to try and ensure they can establish themselves before they are moved into the grow tent, and therefore aren’t as visible.