Grow logs- Cumin

28th December 2019

Growth has significantly sped up in the last few days, with the plants becoming significantly bushier, requiring a lot more space. To allow this space, the plants have been replanted and moved into an indoor grow tent and placed under a larger 100W Hans panel.

10th November 2019

Growth has been rather slow, although this is partially due to having to build up the soil to give the plants the necessary support to stand up. Hopefully this will allow for greater growth in the future, although the roots are the real objective of this grow log.

23rd October 2019

These are a few small Tumeric sprouts that have been planted, and are under a Hans panel, with only a small amount of external light. They were originally grown in small plugs to help stimulate root growth, and have just been transplanted into these pots. So far they are very fragile and spindly; however, the roots are well established.