Trimming plants can be done 3 times faster and very precise with these great electric scissors. Saving you time and money. People all around the world love the Bonsai Hero trimmer!

"I've been using the Bonsai Hero trimmers for a year and I feel it's a great product. I have tested the bonsai's against all the other machines available for sensible money & the bonsai's came out on top every time."

Bonsai Hero

Bonsai Hero professional plant trimmer

Professional version
12 Cuts per second
Up to 5000 hours

Testarossa regular trimmer

Regular version
9 Cuts per second
Up to 1000 hours
Hans panel

grow plants on power LED

65, 80 or 150 watt Led panel
Noise Free panel
Vegging plant panel
From: €350 / $500 From: €130 / $180 From: €165 / $220
information about the Bonsai Hero professional trimmer
information about the Testarossa trimmer for regular use
information about power LED panels


 If you intend to use our products to grow or trim some marijuana plants for your personal use, please make sure it is legal to do so in your country.