Privacy policy


To offer our customers the highest security, we protect all data with the utmost care. Our customers show their trust in us by supplying personal information, we consider it our duty to respect and appreciate this trust.

Bonsai Hero saves the supplied data only for order handling. We offer our customers the possiblity to be kept informed about new products or special offers. We will never give, sell, or trade in any other form, the data from our customers to third parties.


Bonsai Hero has its registered office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and its principal place of business in 1046 BH, Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Limmerick 36. Bonsai Hero includes the website and

1. General

a. These terms and conditions apply to all offers and quotations and all agreements concluded with Bonsai Hero with respect to products and services.

b. Stipulations deviating from these terms and conditions are only valid if these have explicitly been agreed upon in writing by all parties.

c. If any condition is not valid, only this specific condition will not be valid. The General terms & conditions will still be valid.

d. “Buyer” is any person who visits the Bonsai Hero websites. e. By making a purchase at one of the websites of Bonsai Hero, the Buyer accepts these terms and conditions.

2. Offer/order

a. All offers and/or quotations on the Bonsai Hero websites are without engagement. All offers and/or quotations are made with the restriction that products are available. Bonsai Hero has the right to cancel the agreement with Buyer if products are not available.

b. Buyer and Bonsai Hero agree that a legal agreement has been made by the use of electronic means. A handwritten signature is not required.

c. All products and information supplied by Bonsai Hero are considered accurate. Bonsai Hero does not guarantee all products to be fully in accordance with the descriptions and/or pictures on the websites. A deviation will not result in compensation for damages or cancellation of the agreement.

3. Prices

a. All prices are expressed in EUR or USD currency, in accordance with applicable law.

b. The prices given by Bonsai Hero are including value added tax (VAT) and other government levies.

c. All special offers published by Bonsai Hero in catalogues or in any other form, are only binding Bonsai Hero for the period mentioned in the publication. If no period is mentioned, prices can be changed at any moment by Bonsai Hero.

d. All information concerning prices, quantities and other information supplied by Bonsai Hero are done with great care. Bonsai Hero will not be liable for any deviations.

4. Payments

a. Payments are done by PayPal, bank transfer, credit card transfer or any of the methods supplied by the Stripe payment handler. All products have to be paid before they are shipped.

c. Bonsai Hero is entitled to cancel the agreement if the Buyer does not pay.

5. Shipping/delivery

a. All shipping dates supplied by Bonsai Hero are estimates; Bonsai Hero will make a serious effort to ship the products as soon as possible. In no case Bonsai Hero will be liable for delayed shipment or arrival or products.

b. In case a product is not available, Bonsai Hero will inform the Buyer and supply the estimated date of shipment.

c. Bonsai Hero decides which method of shipment is suitable.

d. Bonsai Hero has the right to send the product in partial deliveries, in case partial deliveries are required Bonsai Hero will inform the Buyer.

e. Bonsai Hero is entitled to use special regulations for individual Buyers.

6. Exchange and right of withdrawal

a. For purchases made through the websites of Bonsai Hero Buyer has the right to return the product within 30 days after it has been sent and receive a full refund.

b. In case a product has been returned Bonsai Hero will make the refund within 30 days after arrival. Costs for the return shipment are to made by Buyer. Costs for the payment and return handling are to be made by Buyer.

7. Force Majeure

a. In case of Force Majeure Bonsai Hero will not be held responsible for any form of damages and Bonsai Hero will not be tied to the agreement. Agreements can be postponed in case of Force Majeure. Any situation where Bonsai Hero is not able to totally fulfil the agreement with Buyer is considered to be Force Majeure. Strikes, Fires, Energy failures, dysfunctional websites and failures by suppliers are considered to be examples of such situations.

8. Liability

a. Bonsai Hero is only liable for the damages that are directly caused by gross negligence or intention of Bonsai Hero.

9. Complaints

a. Dutch Law is applicable on all agreements with Bonsai Hero

b. All disputes will in the first instance be settled by the competent court in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Unless Bonsai Hero gives preference to the court in the place where the customer has his registered office or domicile, or unless imperative law prescribes otherwise.

c. The Dutch version of these Terms and Conditions will prevail above the translated versions.

10. Adress

Bonsai Hero is a registered Trade Mark of:

LED’s Farming B.V.
Limmerick 36
1046 BH Amsterdam